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A group of friends gather at a local eatery in Old Strathcona Edmonton.

The Atmosphere of Old Strathcona Edmonton

Dental Haus is located in Old Strathcona Edmonton, inside of Box Haus.

The History of Our Old Strathcona Dental Clinic

Box Haus was formerly the Alberta Dental Association Building, which was home to Shell Dental for more than 30 years. Shell Dental was a thriving practice owned by Dr Curtis J. Shell— a highly respected dentist with a loyal patient following in Edmonton.


Nearing retirement, Dr. Shell was interested in seeing another practitioner continue his legacy as a proud Old Strathcona dentist. He knew his community valued his patient-focused approach and wanted to see his patients have access to the same quality of care for years to come.


After meeting our founder, Dr. Llewelyn Angelica Paras, Dr. Shell felt confident he had found his successor. Both doctors held the same philosophy with regards to patient care, and prioritized the health and happiness of each person over their ability to turn a profit— believing that when you put people first, revenue takes care of itself.


Today, Dental Haus is a merger of minds. Both Dr. Shell and Dr. Paras have contributed to its conceptualization and will play equal roles in shaping its future. They are thrilled about the opportunity to rebrand and put new life into a practice they both care about deeply.

The entire Dental Haus team is proud to serve families in need of a dentist in Old Strathcona, and we look forward to creating long lasting, collaborative relationships with all our patients.

Old Strathcona is a place where vintage charm and modern taste come together, creating a perfect blend of past and present. There are long-standing local establishments, like the Strathcona Library and the Princess Theatre, that maintain the area’s old-timey magnetism. But there are also new enterprises popping up regularly that bring a fresh appeal.

Overall, Old Strathcona Edmonton is a hub of heritage, economic development, and culture. There’s much to discover here, and the longer you explore, the more you’ll stumble upon. From clothing boutiques to beauty salons, law offices, tattoo shops, and intimate cafes— it’s impossible not to enjoy yourself in this bustling and hospitable community. 

Cars parked on the street while visiting our dentists in Old Strathcona.

Our Visitors Parking Guide

Our top recommendations for parking near Dental Haus:

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Parking List
Old Strathcona

More Information About Old Strathcona

We want our patients to feel as at home in Old Strathcona as they do at our office. After all, we aren’t just family dentists— we’re also proud members of our community!


Maybe you came across our website because you wanted to find a dentist in Edmonton, but who says that has to be the only reason you visit our site?


We’re happy to connect our patients with more info about what makes our neighborhood so great. We consider it our duty— both as Old Strathcona dentists and as passionate residents.

Here are our favorite resources for all things Old Strathcona:

The Old Strathcona Business Association


The Old Strathcona Business Association maintains an extensive and up-to-date directory of the 600+ businesses in the area. If you’re wondering what’s available to you, this is the place to find answers.

Edmonton Vintage Train


Curious about the history of Old Strathcona? The Edmonton Historical Board maintains the Register of Historic Resources— a detailed library of significant historical properties, periods of economic development, and the architects that contributed to Edmonton’s structural evolution.

Greyscale Image


Explore Edmonton is the go-to online guide for those looking for things to do in the city. Whether it’s Instagram-worthy photo spots, the best bakeries to satisfy your sweet tooth, or adventure tours that are sure to take you out of your comfort zone— you’ll find it all on the Explore Edmonton website.

Modern Family Dentistry in the Historical Heart of Edmonton

Now that you know what makes Old Strathcona so amazing, why not discover what makes Dental Haus the best choice for your oral health?


We’d be thrilled to show you how we’re advancing family dentistry in Edmonton and how we can provide you with a personalized patient care plan that exceeds your expectations.


Here are your options for getting started:

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