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NEW! Needle-Free & Drill-Free Dental Procedures. Book your appointment today!

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What Is Laser Dentistry?

Maintaining your dental health is an ongoing process that starts with consistent check-ups with your dental professional. The advancements in dental care technology have taken some anxiety out of a routine trip to the dentist.

Some people struggle with the anxiety surrounding a dental drill, and that’s where laser dentistry shines.

Let’s explore how laser dentistry works, the benefits, and how it can help patients warm up to dental health.

Exploring Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry involves the use of lasers to treat different dental conditions. Laser dentistry offers a comfortable alternative treatment option for hard and soft tissue procedures.

With laser dentistry, patients won’t require a needle for numbing as the laser can provide an analgesic effect when cleaning out decay. Taking the anxiety out of a trip to the dentist is a crucial aspect of laser dentistry.

Laser dentistry can be used in various procedures such as:

  • Whitening teeth

  • Treating gum disease

  • Managing tooth decay

Laser dentistry can allow for cost-effective, efficient, and comfortable procedures and eliminate the need for a dental drill.

The Solea Laser for Dentistry

The Solea laser is the first all-tissue laser that works great with both soft and hard tissues. The Solea laser differs from traditional lasers, which can only be used for soft tissue.

Hard tissue lasers can cut through tooth structure and are most commonly used to prep or shape teeth. This laser can be used for composite bonding, repairing dental fillings, and removing some tooth structure.

Soft tissue lasers are used to treat periodontitis, including killing bacteria and stimulating tissue regrowth. This laser seals nerve endings and blood vessels while they penetrate the tissue.

Hard tissue procedures usually refer to your teeth, and soft tissue refers to your gums.

  • Removing decay and sterilizing the field (the laser is antibacterial)

  • Tooth preparations and dental fillings

  • Fillings

  • Crown lengthening

  • Removing excess gum tissue

  • Treating canker sores or cold sores

  • Sleep treatments with Solea sleep for snoring (does not replace sleep apnea treatment)

The combination of hard and soft tissue procedures makes Solea laser dentistry an efficient and innovative option. Your dental professional can carry out any dental procedures you may need with your comfort in mind.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry can be an excellent option for patients who are anxious and may not be able to tolerate nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or who cannot or do not want to take oral sedatives such as Valium.

  • Bleeding is minimized in treating soft tissues as the laser promotes blood clotting

  • Anesthesia is unnecessary in some procedures

  • A lower chance of bacterial infections

  • Wounds heal faster

  • Less damage to the surrounding tissue

Laser dentistry is precise, efficient, and keeps your comfort in mind. The risk of laser dentistry is relatively small. Still, it’s essential to find a qualified dental professional for your laser dentistry procedure.

While laser dentistry is an excellent and proven option for dental care, some things to keep in mind when considering laser dentistry include:

  • Some laser procedures still require anesthesia

  • Lasers cannot be used on teeth that already have certain types of filling

  • Drills may still be needed to complete fillings

  • There is a risk of gum injury

Your dental professional can determine if laser dentistry is a good option for your unique dental needs.

Safe & Comfortable Dental Solutions

Laser dentistry is an excellent option to help you overcome the anxiety and worries regarding the dentist and the different dental procedures you may need. Laser dentistry allows your dental professional to keep your comfort in mind with needle and drill-free dentistry.

Book an appointment with your dental professional today to see if laser dentistry is a good option for you.

NEW! Needle-Free & Drill-Free Dental Procedures. Book your appointment today!

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